Well, here’s a follow-up. That pain in my hip has been bothering me several days now. I took off work at noon yesterday to get ready to go to the Twins baseball game in Minneapolis, and the hip was feeling pretty good, so I decided to see how things went on the trip and not get a chiropractor treatment before leaving.

Rode the bus up sitting in those tight little bus seats. Got out and had to walk a couple blocks uphill to the stadium, then at least that far within the stadium to get to our seats. Sat through seven innings in those tight little stadium seats, then Rachel and I got up to go in search of some ice cream for her, and ended up walking all the way around the stadium on the main concourse. I figured all that walking would be good for me. Lots of step-climbing, as well. The game got over and we headed back down the steps and ramps, out of the stadium and down to our bus, where we got in and sat in those tight little bus seats all the way back to Mankato. Kept getting nasty pains stabbing up and down my left leg.

Went to bed last night, well after midnight, and couldn’t get very comfortable because of the pain in my hip. Managed to sleep several hours, until the pain woke me and wouldn’t let me sleep any more. I got up, took a shower and shaved, and tried to use the toilet. But when I lowered myself onto the seat the pain in my hip and leg was so great that all the muscles in that part of my body seized and wouldn’t let anything happen. I knew I had to get in to see my chiropractor. So I called him up and he got me right in within an hour or so.

I told him what was happening, and he set to work with his new electronic activators. When he got done a few minutes later, he told me, “Your back was WAY out of whack! That’s unusual for you. You usually have something out that goes back in easily, but this one is harder.” He said I had stuff out of place in my hip, my lower spine, and everything in between. He wanted to have a follow-up in two days, but that would be Saturday, and Sunday would be three, and Monday would be four days. So I’m going back in to see him Friday afternoon.

In the meantime I’m still dealing with nasty pain at times and a back and hip that feels like it’s right on the edge of going out again. I’ve been at work this afternoon, but I just don’t trust my back enough to work alone, so my co-worker and I are doing everything 2-man. It’s one of those things where I’m fine when I’m up walking around, but bending feels a little touchy, and I don’t feel good enough to do much lifting at all yet.

Even so, what I’m experiencing right now is minor compared with the way it was, with my hip on fire and searing pain shooting down my leg.

(Oh, by the way, the Twins beat the Royals, 6-2.)