I know, you’re probably getting sick of my bellyaching. So I’ll keep this pretty short.

I managed to sleep fitfully last night, kept a pillow between my legs several hours and nothing the rest of the night. Kept waking up with pain. But I thought for sure I’d be better this morning. No such luck. I was just as sore when I got out of bed as I was yesterday at its worst, maybe even worse. My bowels were shut down again, and I could barely sit or dress myself. But I had to come to work. I got work to do, you know.

Well, as the morning wore on I got more comfortable. I did one windshield by myself with no help from my co-worker a little while ago, and at times I felt nearly normal. The worst thing today seems to be sitting, especially where there is limited room for my legs and feet. That just drives my hip and back nuts!

I have a job in a small town twelve miles from here early this afternoon. I’m fairly confident that if I can survive the ride down there, I can do the job. Then it’s back here to the shop where my co-worker and I will install a windshield in a Yukon, and then I will be free until my chiropractor appointment at 4:15. After that it’s the weekend.

So that’s what’s up today. Oh, by the way, if you didn’t notice, I changed my theme back to “Enterprise”. (And if you did notice, I changed my theme back to “Enterprise”.) It fits me better.