I had a fairly painful weekend. Every day it gets some better, but it’s still got a little ways to go even now on Monday morning.

I guess much of this time is taken up by the healing process. I walked a good mile on Saturday around noon at a local mall. It helped my back and hip a lot! But it was still painful to sit for any length of time. Sunday I got up and showered and shaved, then woke my wife, who said, “Wouldn’t you be more comfortable at home than trying to sit at church?” So, we didn’t go to church, but I did get to walk another mile at the mall. Things continue to improve.

This morning I got up, got ready for work, then went to the mall and walked a mile. It’s still touchy, but it is certainly improving. I’m going to see the chiropractor again at the end of the work day this afternoon. Hopefully this will be the last time that is necessary for a while, but we’ll see what he has to say about it.

What I do know is that I plan on walking from now on, a mile a day for now, eventually extending that to two miles if I can do it. I know for a fact that it strengthens my lower back muscles and nearly eliminates my back problems. I’ve seen it work in the past, and I want to get back to where I was back then.