Dr. Kuch said I have an actual injury, not just a kink to work out.

I was talking to him when he treated me yesterday, told him I had had a rough weekend, with lots of pain, but that I noticed some improvement every day. He said that tells him that it’s an injury, not just a kink. The improvement means it’s healing, and it’s gonna take some time.

I also had an experience yesterday, that my leg would give out, and I would have fallen down five or six times if I hadn’t happened to be holding onto something when it happened. It was really weird – it was like there was nothing there, no strength, like somebody just turned off my leg. Dr. Kuch said that means there’s a nerve being pinched, and my body will do anything at times to keep that from happening, even letting me fall to the ground if necessary. He said that will eventually go away when everything is back in place and all healed up.

I still feel some instability in that leg today, but it’s not as bad as it was yesterday. I have more pain in the hip today, but that’s most likely from the treatment he gave me yesterday, and to be honest, it is better now in the early afternoon than it was this morning.

I also walked another mile this morning. It can only help in the long run. Dr. Kuch was very pleased to know I have started walking again, as he knew me well back several years ago when I was walking every day for several years in a row, and it had strengthened my back so much and helped me lose quite a bit of weight. Now I haven’t walked regularly for probably six years or so, and my back has weakened quite a bit and is more susceptible to injury, but since Rachel graduated I now have the opportunity to walk every morning before work, and that’s the opportunity I’ve been waiting for!

So anyway, it’s one more day. I don’t know how long it will be before the back and hip feel close to normal again, but the physical healing can’t take too much longer, I don’t think.