I walked another mile this morning before work.

I slept quite well last night in spite of some discomfort. I was very sore yesterday after Monday’s chiropractor treatment, and was in extreme pain after work when we were out looking at a house we’re thinking of purchasing. But when we got home and I sat down for a bit things got much better.

This morning things feel more normal. There’s still some pain in the hip, but I expect that for some time to come. There’s still a little weakness and instability in my left leg, but not nearly so much as there was on Monday. My walking “mechanics” are much better today.

I have a chiropractor appointment this afternoon at 4:30. I’m hoping he won’t work me over quite so hard this time. I’m hoping he will say, “OK, looks good! Let’s see how you feel in a week!” Cuz it is healing.