Father’s Day is comin’ Sunday, that is!

I don’t normally make too much of it. We send a greeting card and maybe a gift card to my dad – my wife’s dad passed away back in 1993. I don’t expect much, if anything, from my own kids; a Father’s Day card is more than sufficient. But sometimes they surprise me.

I have a hunch that one (or more) of my kids is getting me a certain Bible for Father’s Day. She was asking me about it last month. She said, “Mom says there’s a Bible you want.” That’s a hint that she’s been asking her mom what I want, right? “It’s the ESV single-column reference Bible. It’s available in Trutone, in black or brown/cordovan. Either one is fine with me, but you don’t have to spend that much on me.”

And they don’t have to spend money on me like that. I’d be more than happy with a card. But she’s her mother’s daughter – very generous in everything.

So anyway, I think she’s getting me that for Father’s Day. I’m quite certain she’s trying to get it by then. But if she doesn’t, that’s OK, no hurry. These things can take time, you know. If it doesn’t show up Sunday; if she’s not coming home this Sunday, she’ll bring it next time I see her.

*IF* she’s getting it for me.

I’ve been wrong before.

I’m trying not to live in anticipation of it. But it’s hard not to.

Hey, all you dad’s, have a great Father’s Day, OK?