It was on my mind all weekend. Sunday morning my wife and I went to church, then went home and changed out of our nice clothes, and went out to Wally World to pick up a few groceries and stuff. We then got back in the car and headed out of the parking lot, when my cell phone rang.

Our daughter Becky was calling, asking, “Where are you guys? I came to the house and you’re gone!” I said, “Well, we’re out shopping, but we’re on our way home right now.”

I was pretty sure why she had driven down from the Cities. It was Father’s Day, and I was pretty sure she had that Bible for me.

I had been feeling kinda bad for several weeks about this. Becky has been working hard at her job to make ends meet. Sometimes she doesn’t drive down to see us as she planned because she doesn’t have the money. I knew the Bible I wanted retails for $55 plus tax, and I don’t want my kids spending that kind of money on me just for Father’s Day. To me, it’s a minor holiday, and a card is more than sufficient.

We got home and I saw she had a gift bag for me, about the right size and shape. I felt it, and it was the right weight. I took the accompanying card and opened it, and read it, and it was a wonderful card. Then I opened up the bag, and there was a box that said “ESV” in big letters. It was exactly the Bible I had asked for, the ESV single column reference Bible in black Trutone.

But Becky had news for me that made me feel even better. It seems her beau, Mike, had ordered it online and got a decent price for it. But even more, Becky and Mike had gone in together to buy it, so it wasn’t just Becky’s money involved. Mike has a good job and works hard. He bought a house in St. Paul last year and is doing all right. But what made me feel the best was that Becky told me that since Mike’s dad passed away a few years ago, he feels like I’m the only dad he has now, even though they aren’t married yet. So I was happy to accept the Bible. And I told Becky to be sure she tells Mike how much I appreciate what he did and said.

I’m very pleased my daughter found such a fine young man to marry.