I have learned to like WordPress. I’ve learned how to make it work pretty well, but I’m often frustrated with the themes, and I feel quite restricted by what they allow me to do and not do.

So I’m looking around a little bit.

My son has led me to a blog site called Posterous. (I asked him, does this mean everything you’ve done up until now is preposterous?) It seems to be a fairly basic system, as far as I can tell. All your posting appears to be done via email. They have some nice looking themes, and I’ve just begun experimenting with it. You can see what little bit I’ve done at this link.

I’ve also recently become aware that Blogger has changed their template offerings, and I’ve been looking through that, too. It’s become a more attractive platform to me now, and I might, just might, decide to migrate back there. We’ll see. Here’s what I’ve still got over there right now, my last post when I migrated to WP.