I’m going through one of “those” times again.

I can’t believe how tired I get of certain blog themes. So I’m back on my dashboard looking at all the WP themes they have, looking for one that “fits” me, one that has the right kind of image. There aren’t many that I really like. I guess I’m picky.

There are a few that I really like. One of those was called “Albeo”. It says it’s “light and colorful”, and it is. However, to my eyes it looks too feminine for a guy’s blog, so it’s out.

I finally ran across this one, “Cutline”. I used this one before, sometime last year. I’m not sure why I changed from it. Then again, maybe I used this one on my short-lived baseball blog I was writing for a while last summer. I had a picture of a baseball diamond for the header. Maybe I just got tired of it (me?) and never tried using it at the Sundry Times with a different header photo.

I don’t think this theme is feminine at all; I think it looks bold and masculine, but not macho. I think it’s a pretty good fit that way. And it’s white with black text, and the text is large enough to read; and the punctuation marks are even readable, which is more than I can say for a lot of blogs these days. I don’t understand why they don’t make the punctuation more clear. Apparently punctuation doesn’t matter to most readers nowadays, but it matters to me.

Anyway, here it is; I’ll try this one for a while and see if I can live with it. Hopefully you can live with it, too.