A few days ago I posted about the Father’s Day gift I received, a copy of the ESV Single-column Reference Bible. My post fairly glowed with positives.

Today I want to mention that, in spite of what I wrote last time, this Bible isn’t perfect. It’s pretty close, but not quite!

Reading it is wonderful! The font size, at 10 pt., is easy on the eyes, and there’s no red ink to cause eye problems. But if you want to use the cross-reference system, or read the text notes at the bottom of the page, then you’ve got a problem. Those notes can’t be much bigger than 6 pt. I have found that the only way for my eyes to read them with any clarity at all is to use a magnifying glass, and I think that’s a sad commentary on an otherwise outstanding Bible.

I don’t understand why Crossway doesn’t see fit to making the cross-references and notes commensurate in size with the larger font of the text. I can’t believe that doing so would add that much to this Bible’s already large size.

And that’s another thing. This Bible is not a slimline by any stretch of the imagination. It’s virtually the same size as most study Bibles, including my MacArthur NASB and my NIV Study Bible. It’s only perhaps a quarter inch thinner than either of those two. Certainly that quarter inch makes it lighter to carry, but not that much lighter. My old NASB Giant Print Personal Size Reference Bible has bold, black print of virtually the same size as this ESV, plus an even more complete system of cross-references and text notes, all in a considerably smaller, and more convenient size.

So all in all, I love my new ESV. But they really should look into correcting things like this.