We learned late yesterday afternoon that my wife’s older brother Lynn, who lives in the Phoenix, AZ area, had a severe stroke yesterday. As of now he is still alive, unconscious, in a Phoenix hospital. His son Chad has flown out there from Minneapolis to be with him, and we understand that he has been asked by the doctors to OK a surgical procedure to get rid of the blood clot in his brain.

It’s a tough decision; should they try heroic measures to save Lynn’s life, even though his brain has been starved for oxygen for many hours now and he may end up like a vegetable, or should they just remove the ventilator and let him go?

I don’t know about Lynn’s state regarding salvation, except I know he made a profession of faith many years ago. However, I don’t think he has been a faithful church-goer for many years now, so we just don’t know where he was on that.

Please keep Lynn and Chad, and all the family in your prayers.