Regarding my wife’s brother Lynn, whom I reported had had a stroke yesterday:

It’s not easy sorting through the information/misinformation from so far away. But here’s what I know at this time:

As of around midnight last night, Lynn is still hanging in there. He’s still mostly unconscious. The procedure they did yesterday didn’t fix things, and caused some anxious moments as Lynn apparently crashed, or at least his vital signs went down for a while. (They did not have to shock his heart)

The doctors were actually encouraged by how the procedure went, and they want to do it again today. They say if it works, Lynn could walk out of the hospital on Friday. But he’s by no means out of the woods yet. He could go either way, and it still doesn’t look very good for him.

UPDATE: My wife just called me here at the shop this morning, and Lynn made it through the night. He’s now conscious and alert, and being an ornery old cuss again. The doctors think they have the blood clot in his brain dissolved, but they think there may be some in his legs yet. He’s not out of the woods yet, as I just said, but things are looking up. He’s vastly improved.

I’m sorry, but someone was dreaming! Lynn is NOT better today, he is worse. We don’t know who of our relatives put out that report that he was improving, but now we have it firsthand from his son, who has been at his side since yesterday morning, that Lynn is still going downhill. The prognosis is not good at all.

So keep the prayers going up!