…with this theme and what I can do with it.

And so I have once again shut down my Sundry Times over at Blogger. I can do just about anything here that I wanted to do there, plus I have other features here that WordPress gives me, like the blog stats and easier commenting; all that stuff that was pointed out when I announced I was experimenting with a blogger site again.

I’m happy with what I’ve got here at WP.

I still have my Posterous blog, but at this point I don’t see much future for it, although my son thinks Posterous is pretty neat. To me it’s still just a plaything. I don’t see too much of an advantage to being able to post there using my Gmail account, and that’s really about the only advantage I’ve found there. So that’s pretty weak, as far as I’m concerned.

I’ll decide what to do with the Posterous blog in the next few days. Now I’m sold on WP!