Remember that old advertising phrase? It was from our friends at Morton Salt. They wanted people to know that even when it was raining, or there was high humidity or other moisture problems, their salt would still pour, it wouldn’t get sticky and clumpy. Was it the truth? I don’t really know if their salt was any different, but I think it still says that on their salt containers today.

The phrase is now better known, not as advertising, but just as a saying, usually meaning that when something bad happens, a lot of bad things happen, or something to that effect.

Last Thursday morning my brother-in-law Lynn passed away down in Arizona following a severe stroke.

We awoke to a phone call Saturday morning telling us that my wife’s Aunt Betty had passed away in Fort Dodge, Iowa on Friday evening. Her funeral will be held this Tuesday morning. Unfortunately, we are so swamped here at work that there’s no way I can get off to drive down to Iowa for the funeral.

And “they” say that bad things go in threes. All my wife’s relatives are looking over their shoulders!

Anyway, when it rains it pours.