It isn’t easy to decide on a photo to use for a background on my blog. I like to use something that shows where I’m from, but more than that, something that is within my personal sphere of experience, if I may put it like that.

This photo I have on here right now is just such a photo. Back when I was a teenager and a Boy Scout, I used to roam a large city park in Redwood Falls, the town where I grew up, called Alexander Ramsey City Park. It was named for the first territorial governor of Minnesota, Alexander Ramsey. It’s a beautiful gorge, heavily forested, with the Redwood River and Ramsey Creek running through it. Way back when it was first set up as a Minnesota State Park it was nicknamed the “Little Yellowstone”. After some years the state of Minnesota turned it over to the city of Redwood Falls, which is how I have always known it, as a city park.

One of the major highlights of Ramsey Park is the famous Ramsey Falls. Here is the best-known photo of the falls:

Here is another photo which gives you some idea of how beautiful the falls and the park is:

Finally, here is the picture I decided to use for my background:

Besides the falls, the other famous sight to see in Ramsey Park is the “swayback” bridge:

Ramsey Park is a beautiful place for folks of all ages. If you ever go to Redwood Falls, Minnesota, be sure to go and visit Alexander Ramsey City Park.