Man, was that ever a hot one yesterday!

Here in Mankato we hit a high yesterday of 93, but that wasn’t the real story. The real story turned out to be the dew point, that measurement of the temperature at which the moisture in the air condenses and is a truer measurement of humidity than the humidity reading. Yesterday we spent much of the day at a dew point reading of 82-83 degrees! We believe that is the highest dew point reading ever recorded here in Mankato.

Of course we had the air conditioning running on high all day. And if you went from the air conditioning to the outside, your eyeglasses would immediately fog up.

I had to go to a small nearby town late yesterday morning to do a windshield, and so I prepared the windshield here in the shop, then I carried it out through the door to put it in my van and it fogged up. I’ve never seen that happen in the summer before.

Combined with the temperature in the 90s, such high humidity made it absolutely oppressive outside. We had a full day of mobile jobs scheduled, but it became clear that it was actually physically dangerous for us to work outside, so we made arrangements to get all our afternoon work into the air conditioned shop. It’s a good thing. I’m not sure I would have survived very long working outside in those conditions.

We were fortunate that the storms stayed away yesterday. They did have some strong storms and even tornadoes off to our east and north, but we were spared this time. And during the evening the cool front came through, and now this morning we have temps in the 60s and fairly low humidity – much better than yesterday!

But that’s gonna be a day I remember for a long time!