…no, I didn’t get another new Bible. 😉

Over the weekend my wife and I knew what we had to do – we both needed new shoes! She was looking for some white sandals, as she has been for several months; and I knew the time had come – I needed new walking shoes, very badly. Plus, the walking shoes I had been wearing I was also wearing for work, so I needed new work shoes, too.

We went to Kohls, where my wife found the exact sandals she had been searching for, and I deliberated for a long time on walking shoes. I was thinking that if I bought black walking shoes I could wear them for work, too. But everyone I have consulted concerning walking shoes says you need a pair of good walking shoes, and dedicate them to walking – only wear them when you go out on your daily walk.

I found a pair of white New Balance walking shoes – I have always been partial to New Balance, they seem to work well with my feet. But I couldn’t find black ones. I found black walking shoes from Avia and Reebok, but neither had my size. That’s OK though; I’m not overly impressed with the build quality of Reeboks and I had one bad experience with Avia a few years ago – they didn’t give me the heel support I needed.

So I decided to go with the white New Balance shoes and look somewhere else for dedicated work shoes.

We had to go to Wal Mart, so I figured I’d look for work shoes there. I know they’re not the best quality, but I have found satisfactory work shoes at Wally World.

We picked up quite a number of things along with our groceries, and I almost forgot to look for shoes, but I remembered before we checked out, and we went and looked at shoes. I was a little disappointed in their selection; it seemed they used to have a better selection of work boots back before they remodeled the store and moved everything around … again! But just as I was about to give up, I noticed a display of hiking shoes. I took a look, and they were attractive. I found a pair that appealed to me, tried them on, and voila! They fit! And they fit well, which is unusual for my feet. I have very high arches and very wide feet, and have had difficulty finding well-fitting shoes all my life.

I don’t harbor any illusions that these work shoes will last several years, after all, I did get them from Wal Mart. But they seem pretty solid and well-built. We’ll just see how it goes. I know the New Balance walkers will last me a good 500-600 miles at the mall.

But there is a side benefit to the new shoes, one which you rarely hear about: they’re good for your back, legs, knees, etc. My old walking shoes were so worn out that they were actually contributing to my sore back and knees, and so on. The very first day I used the new shoes, this past Monday, I was amazed at how much better I felt! My knees didn’t hurt any more; the shoes correct my posture and the way my legs were working mechanically, taking so much of the strain off them.

So if you have sore knees, ankles, back, hips, etc., maybe you should consider some new shoes.