I’m sitting here in the cool, cool shop right now. Just got back from doing a windshield out on a hot, blacktop parking lot. I will be going out in a short while to do another one in a hot, blacktop parking lot.

But it’s not quite as bad as it could be. Today we have a bit of a breeze, and enough cloud cover that occasionally the sun is covered by a cloud for a few minutes. Recently we have been having cloudless days with almost no breeze at all, and the humidity has been so high it’s almost like breathing water out there.

At the moment we are sitting at 91.5 degrees with a dew point of 77, making the heat index a miserable 105.

The good news is, the people who are supposed to know such things say this is the last of it for now. Tomorrow is supposed to be 84 with rain and thunderstorms, Saturday will be about 80 with sun, and next week we’re supposed to be in the beautiful mid-70s.

I hope they know what they’re talking about!