It’s after 4:00 on Friday afternoon. I’m still alive – I think.

It’s been another long, hard week. We’ve been so busy we don’t know which way to turn next. And after 34 years in the auto glass business my body is showing the effects — muscle aches, joint pain, scar tissue. It’s gotten so I get home on Friday and rest. I get up by 6:00 Saturday morning because of all the pain; I do what I can but mostly rest on Saturday. Usually by Sunday morning I am feeling somewhat better and can do a few more things around the house or around our little city. By Sunday evening I’m usually feeling fairly good; then I get up on Monday morning and start the cycle all over again.

By Wednesday I’m saying, “I can’t believe it’s not Friday yet!” On Thursday I’m saying, “How long, Oh Lord?” On Friday it’s not TGIF, it’s “Why isn’t it Saturday yet?”

I never realized how difficult and painful aging would be, especially since I chose a physically-taxing work like auto glass replacement. You know, when you start out in your 20s, retirement seems a long way off. So you work hard, doing foolish physical stunts that will cause pain in your joints in later years. (Use a rubber mallet, not your fist!) I never realized my later-fifties would come so fast!

Yep, I’m starting to look forward to that “glorified body” the Lord promises us!