Can I cry on your shoulder?

Naw, it’s not really that bad, but it’s a bit of a trying time right now. You see, my co-worker Mike is on vacation for three days this week – he’ll be back Thursday – and one of our two secretaries is on vacation all this week.

The office part of this isn’t too bad, because we’ve hired a young woman to help out while the secretary is gone, and she’s proven to be very good at the job already, though she still has a lot to learn, obviously.

And we have hired, at least temporarily, our office manager’s brother to help out by doing the chip repairs, which takes a lot of pressure off me, and also to help me occasionally when I have a two-man job to do. He picked up the chip repair technique quickly and is apparently doing a pretty good job of it.

Well, yesterday I had to go and do a Volkswagen windshield mobile, out away from the shop a couple miles, and so I loaded the windshield up and went up there and got started on it. Things went fairly well until I came to the part where I pull the new windshield out of my van to prepare it for installation. When I did, I saw a crack coming up from the bottom of the windshield, and take it from me, you don’t really want to see a crack on a new windshield.

That bummed me out. But unfortunately I had already removed the old windshield from the car, so I had to install this new broken one. The customer was really good about it though, and said as long as she could drive it she would be fine until we could get back there with another one. That one is rescheduled for later this week.

Then this morning I was scheduled to go out and install a windshield in a 1991 Saturn. Now that windshield is very curved on the ends, and I was having difficulty getting it into the rack inside my van. I decided to pull it out and tell the girls in the office that I’d have to pick up the car and do it in the shop. Well, when I tried to pull the windshield out of my van, it cracked in three places up the middle.

Yup, you guessed it. It bummed me out.

It has not been the best of days, and it’s still morning.

Yet this is a day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. These are minor disasters, for sure. I can tell myself things will get better as the day goes on.

Besides, breaking that windshield freed up some time so I could write on my blog!