It’s now Thursday, and my co-worker is back from his vacation…and I survived! (mostly)

It wasn’t easy. The only help I had was untrained. That means that I was doing all the installing on my own, for all intents and purposes. My helpers really only helped me set in a few large or otherwise ungainly windshields. I did all the rest of the work myself.

Yesterday just about did me in. By the afternoon my left arm felt like it was going to fall off. Fortunately I had about an hour and a half in the afternoon where I couldn’t do anything, because I was waiting for a glass delivery. (You can’t install what you don’t have!) So I looked in the freezer and found an ice pack, which I held on my left arm for quite a while. That helped a lot. Then I went out and got the last windshield installed and got back to the shop about 4:00 pm, discovered that my last job had been postponed, and so I sat with the ice for the final half hour.

I got home last night and took some ibuprofen, then I sat with the ice on my arm, and various other parts of my aching body, while I watched our Twins lose to the Texas Rangers once again. At 9:00 pm I took some arthritis strength acetaminophen, then watched the rest of the baseball game. The pain was lessening. After the game I took some more ibuprofen and went to bed. I slept pretty well until about 5:00 am.

I came to work this morning at the usual time, very much looking forward to seeing my co-worker, even though I was aware that he had gone on an exhausting car trip out to Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan, and he had e-mailed me that he was very tired and didn’t know how much help he’d be to me today.

I heard him drive up and I (intentionally) hobbled and limped out to greet him. That got a good laugh. We loaded up a couple windshields and went out to install them. You know, even though we both were physically tired, it’s still so much easier with two of us doing the job together than if it’s just one of us.

Now that he is back to work, I plan on taking some vacation time myself, starting next Thursday. We’ll see how things go for him. I hope he will have an easier time at work than I did.