I didn’t realize there would be so much physical pain associated with getting old. Of course I’ve seen old people bent over, shuffling along or otherwise walking funny. I just figured they walked that way because they couldn’t walk normally any more. I didn’t realize it was because it hurt.

But the sky is still just as blue. The grass is just as green.

I like the fact that when I wash somebody’s windshield I don’t have to work as hard, because it looks better without my doing as much. And when I do a chip repair on somebody’s windshield it looks pretty good before I do anything. But when I try to do the repair I often simply can’t see it very well, so I really don’t know whether or not I’m doing a good job.

I can’t hear the kids’ music as well, so it doesn’t bother me quite as much … unless they REALLY turn it up! (Unfortunately they often do!) I don’t like the fact that it’s harder to hear what people are saying. (How come everybody mumbles so much? 😉 )

It’s kind of nice that the young girls don’t see me as an interesting man any more. I’m more like a grandfather figure. Then again, wouldn’t it be nice if the young girls were still interested?

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t need to be too scared of authoritative people any more – young businessmen and the like. Heck, everybody I was scared of when I was a young man is either dead or in a nursing home. Now I can be the authoritative businessman. I’ve been around. I’ve paid my dues. I ain’t no dummy. I know my business. I don’t need to be shy and timid.

When you’re young, when you’re a kid, you feel like your whole life is ahead of you. (It is!) Death seems like a million years away. It might as well be; you’re not as aware of how quickly time will fly when you get a little older. Then as the years go by you can’t help but notice that things that seem like yesterday actually were ten, twenty, thirty years ago. How could that be?

You realize that, now that you’re in your fifties, death could easily be less than twenty years away. And time flies! Is it any wonder that old people so often seem so much closer to the Lord than younger people do? Older folks have come face to face with their own mortality. Many of us have made peace with our Lord, and know that when death comes, we will go to a far, far better place.

Yeah, aging can be pretty painful, but the sky is still just as blue.