In my post yesterday about water, I neglected to mention another form of it, that is, rain.

Rain can certainly be a blessing – just ask any farmer – but it can just as easily be a curse.

Just ask any farmer.

Too much rain can be as bad as not enough rain.

Rain can be cooling and refreshing – a heat wave followed by a cool front which is led off by a rainstorm – of course often times a heat wave is ended by a severe storm which causes terrible damage and sometimes loss of life.

Sometimes we can have a dull, dreary rain that lasts for days. I can remember nearly a whole week like that back when I was in Boy Scouts and we had such a dreary week up at Scout camp. You just want to stay in your sleeping bag after a couple days and just sleep the day away. And at camp, you’re outside in it nearly all the time, and everything is wet, or at least damp, and it all smells like mildew.

But we need the rain to make plants and crops grow. When it doesn’t rain we have drought, and the food supplies dwindle, animals and people die of starvation. Look how many times drought is mentioned in the Bible. It was just as common an occurrence back then as it is today, with just as devastating and far-reaching consequences.

Anyway, the last couple days here in southern Minnesota have been rainy, off and on. We started out this morning with a pretty good thunderstorm starting around 3 am, which lasted until around 7:00. Now we have a break in the rain, but the radar screen shows another large area of rain off to our west and slowly heading this way.

With all this modern technology, it’s interesting to note that while we can now see where the rain is and where it appears to be going; even how heavy it is and whether or not a storm contains a tornado; but we still can’t do a whole lot about it, it just comes. Sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes it’s not.