I should have mentioned this earlier, because the countdown is almost over. The Minnesota Twins’ magic number is now at 2 after the Twins beat the Indians last night and the White Sox lost to the Oakland A’s. That means if the Twins win tonight and the Sox lose again tonight, the Twins clinch the central division championship.

I’ve been watching the race pretty closely myself, being a Twins fan ever since Calvin Griffith brought his Washington Senators west to Minnesota back in 1961. I’ve watched them through some great seasons, and some not-so-great seasons, and this one, so far, is turning out to be one of the very best. If the Twins can manage to get 99 wins by the end of the season October 3rd, it will be their best season since they first went to the World Series way back in 1965, when they won 102 games.

Anyway, I’ll be watching tonight. I hope you do, too!