So I’m sitting here in the shop, the rain is falling (because I can’t think of a better way to say it right now), my body is aching, I’m wishing I were someplace else.

We’ve had heavy, heavy rain here in southern Minnesota since around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. I don’t know how much we’ve gotten; I don’t have a rain gauge and haven’t heard the “official” amount yet, but I’ve heard that much of the region got over four inches overnight, some places over six inches, and a few places over eight! And it’s that kind of rain that comes down so hard and heavy for so long that just about anything will leak! In fact, my wife found water on the hallway floor this morning. It didn’t surprise me a bit. Gotta get out the caulking gun and some silicone one of these days after the rain stops.

My co-worker was up to Minneapolis yesterday afternoon to watch the Twins play at Target Field (that’s why I wasn’t here much; I was doing all the work myself yesterday.) He got to see the September call-ups beat the Cleveland Indians 5-1. The Twins regulars were all sitting on the bench after celebrating their Central Division Championship Tuesday night, so they gave them a rest and put in the guys they called up from the minors. I understand there were only two regulars that started the game.

Anyway, I texted my co-worker yesterday after the game and said, “I betcha didn’t even get wet!” It was pouring rain down here, but the radar showed only a little rain in the Cities. He texted me back, saying, “Just a few drips on the way to the van.” It was a pretty good day for a ballgame.

So now I’m sitting here in the shop, pounding on this keyboard. I can’t do the jobs that were scheduled for this morning because they’re 45 miles away sitting in a parking lot with no garage or shed to put them in, and it’s raining heavily all over the southern half of the state. We have a couple other jobs outside that are scheduled for today; they’ll probably be postponed, too. And then there’s two jobs scheduled for here in the shop this afternoon. I wish I had stayed home.

Oh, in case you didn’t notice, I’m trying out WP’s new theme, “Fusion” right now. I like a lot about it, though I’m not too sure about that right sidebar sticking up into the banner like that. And I’d like to be able to adjust some of the colors, but WP won’t let me. Oh well. Overall, I’m pretty well satisfied with this theme.

Anyway, like I said, here I am sitting here in the shop, pounding away on this keyboard.