Yeah, still sitting here pounding on the keyboard … and I’m not even making any music!

Our outside work has been postponed, and all we have left are the two jobs here in the shop this afternoon. That means I can probably relax a little, maybe think about finding something for lunch.

I just heard that Truman, a little town about 50 miles southwest of here, has gotten 11 inches of rain since it started yesterday afternoon. They closed the schools, just like if it was a blizzard.

Last time we got rain like this it caused landslides here in the valley, and huge numbers of houses had water in the basement. The stores all ran out of sump pumps and wet-dry vacs. It’s a nasty situation.

That’s one nice thing about living in a mobile home – there’s no basement to get wet.

But there’s so much water in our yard that we’re afraid to let Kiwi go out and go potty … she might drown! 😉 Naaah, there’s not that much water in the yard, but there’s enough out there this morning that I’m calling it “Lake Inferior”.

I’m just hoping, like in “Annie”, that the “sun’ll come out … tomorrow! Betcher bottom dollar that tomorrow … there’ll be sun!”