If you’ve noticed my absence from the blogs much of the time over the past couple weeks, here’s the explanation: I’m spending lots more time on Facebook! Now I can’t say that I love Facebook. It’s hard to love something that you loathed just a short time ago. But I will go as far as to say that there are a few things that I love about Facebook.

Probably the most obvious of those things is the fact that Facebook is a great tool for finding and communicating with old friends that you haven’t seen for many years. I have recently found some twenty or so “kids” I went to high school with, and have been communicating with several of them. One person in particular I have been talking with on the personal messaging part of FB, and I don’t even have their email address. I don’t need it!

For a while this afternoon I went looking for former classmates from the year and a half I spent at college. I found several among the hundreds of folks from that college who are on FB. In fact, I even found someone I had forgotten had attended that college, but who is from the same hometown and even the same church I used to go to.

It’s fun to look at the profile photos of old friends. One fellow I used to know in high school now looks very different. I was talking to another classmate, who told me, “Look at his eyes. That’s where you’ll see him.” So I stared at his face in the photo for a while, and sure enough, it was the eyes! It was him, all right! Actually, I found it to be more of his face than just the eyes, but his nose and mouth and chin, too. But his face is wider than it used to be, and his hair is styled much differently. It was hard to see his old self in that photo, but I looked long enough and hard enough, and I found my old friend!

Of course, there are few of us in our fifties who look all that much like we did back in high school. I myself was told by several people at our class reunions that if I didn’t have my old graduation picture on my name tag they would never have recognized me. But then, I am much heavier than I was back then, and have only a fraction of the hair that I used to have on my head, so I can understand why they think I look so different.

Now there are still a number of things I don’t care for about Facebook. The most prominent of those would have to be the games. It seems a lot of people on FB are playing games, like they spend all their online time on FB, and they’re looking for something to do. And I’ve discovered there are requests that seem innocuous and innocent, but if you accept them you get sucked into a game somewhere. And I don’t want to play games and I don’t like that part of FB.

I also don’t like it when I click on an app and it opens up a box where the app wants access to all my info. Some things are OK, but I don’t want to open up my FB account to every little app that comes along.

I first got on Facebook because the kids are on it – all my children, and their cousins – and they told me it was a great way to keep up with the family. And I suppose it is. But I find it a lot more valuable for other communications, like finding old friends.