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I stayed up and watched the whole game last night. It was a historical night, you know. It was the first game of the first post-season playoff for the Twins in their new stadium, Target Field. And we hoped … we really hoped … that maybe the Twins could get that Yankee monkey off their back. But alas …

I saw Twins pitcher Francisco Liriano masterfully cut down Yankees batters. I watched as Yankees pitcher C.C. Sabathia struggled with his control at times, trying his best to throw strikes, but the Twins just wouldn’t be defeated by him. I watched as a pitch got away from him and plunked Jim Thome on the shoulder, giving the old slugger a free pass to first base. I watched as Sabathia hung a pitch up in the strike zone that Michael Cuddyer connected with and dropped it violently in the trees beyond the centerfield fence. I watched as the Twins players celebrated at home plate afterwards.

I was watching a little later as Orlando Hudson got on base, made it around to third base, and scored on a passed ball by Yankees catcher Jorge Posada. Three-zip and we’re all feeling giddy.

Then as his pitch count approached 100 pitches, Liraino seemed to lose his control, and the Yankees tied the game, then went ahead.

I also watched as the Twins loaded the bases in the sixth, and then Sabathia walked Twins third-baseman Valencia to tie the game. We thought we still had a chance. I was away from the television for a few minutes during the seventh inning, and returned to discover Yankees first-baseman Mark Texiera had hit a two-run homer to put the Yankees up 6-4. That finally took a lot of the wind out of my (our) sails. Bottom of the eighth and the Yankees bring in Mariano Rivera. As hard as the Twins try, Rivera’s skill is just too much for them, and the final score is 6-4 Yankees.

So whose prayers did God listen to during this game, if anybody’s?

If he was listening to the Twins fans’ prayers, the Twins would have won, don’t you think? Or do you suppose the Lord is above such things? Does He have a greater, deeper plan than who wins a baseball game?

We can certainly pray for our baseball team; I can’t imagine that there’s really anything wrong with that. But don’t expect God to answer all your prayers the way you want Him to.

Still, it reminds me of Tevye in “Fiddler on the Roof” as he is singing his famous song, “If I Were a Rich Man”. As he approaches the end of the song he says this:

Lord who mad the lion and the lamb,
You decreed I should be what I am.
Would it spoil some vast eternal plan?
If I were a wealthy man.

For Twins fans, we would like to ask as well, would it spoil some vast eternal plan if we were to beat the Yankees?