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Anybody heard anything lately about the new NIV 2011? I can’t find anything new of any substance since the announcement was made a year ago that the NIV would be revised and the TNIV dropped. I wish they’d leak us a copy of Matthew, or John, or something!

I have that beautiful ESV single-column Bible I got from my daughter and her fiance; I still use it, but not all the time. It’s not really my number one, everyday favorite. I don’t understand how all those people could go ga-ga over the ESV. I mean, it’s a fine translation, don’t get me wrong. It’s quite literally accurate, and it’s fairly easy to read (sort-of, in a strange way). It’s clearly a continuation of the same stream of translations with the KJV, ASV, RSV, etc. But a lot of the time, I read something, and find I am befuddled by what I have just read. So I go to my other translations, the NASB, and the NIV/TNIV, and the muddy becomes clear.

I am finding, more often than not, that I prefer the NASB and the TNIV as companion translations. The NASB has such wonderful text notes, and then the TNIV puts pretty much the same information into clear, easy-to-understand “today’s English”. I may be hoping against hope, but I hope the new NIV 2011 will be like a combination of the two – great text notes and an easy read.

I still have my CEB New Testament sitting on the shelf with my other Bibles, but I have become so disillusioned with it that I can’t read it without becoming sick to my stomach. Maybe my pastor would like to have it. (No, I don’t want to make him ill, too! But he’s an official UMC clergyperson and may like to own one.)

Still waiting for my FREE ESV MacArthur Study Bible. I figure it isn’t here yet because my last name starts with “Z”. (Or the mailman decided he wanted it, which would be OK, too.)