The first round of the MLB Playoffs are done. Our Twins, of course lost to the Yankees in three games. In the other American League division series the Western Division champs the Texas Rangers beat the Eastern Division champs the Tampa Bay Rays last night in the fifth game of the series.

It’s nice to be able to root for a former Twin to beat the Yankees — Rangers manager Ron Washington spent several years in a Twins uniform back in the 80s.

Go Rangers! Beat those New York Stink Bugs!

(That’s the new name for the Yankees my youngest daughter came up with a few days ago after the Twins lost their series to them. I think it’s quite apt.)

Over in the National League things are now set as well. The Philadelphia Phillies will be playing the San Francisco Giants for the right to play in the World Series. The Phillies beat the Cincinnati Reds (Do you know how many times I tried before getting Cincinnati spelled right? Three times!) and the Giants beat the Atlanta Braves.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to watching the two League Championship Series unfold over the next week or so, and then the World Series after that. (And then comes the VOID! No more baseball until spring!)