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According to a Pew Research Center poll published in the Christian Post, support for gay marriage is growing among Americans. You can read the full article here.

According to the poll, white mainline Protestants are more likely to support gay marriage (49 percent) than oppose it (38 percent). In the past two years, 49 percent had expressed opposition. Among those who attend church at least once a week, 35 percent favor gays and lesbians marrying.

A similar shift is seen among Catholics. While opinion was more evenly divided over the past two years, today 49 percent favor gay marriage and 41 percent oppose.

White evangelical Protestants, meanwhile, remain overwhelmingly opposed to gay marriage. Seventy-four percent are against it and 20 percent favor it. A majority of black Protestants also continue to oppose gay marriage.

My own thoughts and opinion on this are that, while mainline Protestants and Catholics don’t like the idea of gay marriage in general, they don’t have the biblically-based reasoning to oppose it, and so are giving in gradually, thinking that it’s inevitable. Christians who attend churches where the Bible is preached faithfully tend to oppose gay marriage.