You know what “the Void” is, don’t you? That’s the period of time from the final out of the World Series until the pitchers and catchers report to spring training. It can be a long, drawn-out period for many of us die-hard baseball fans. Fortunately some TV stations will occasionally show a game or two from the previous season, just to keep the juices flowing. And I don’t know about other teams, but the Twins always have a “winter caravan” in February when players, coaches, team execs, and broadcasters travel around the region giving fans a chance to get up-close with them and talk about the previous season and the upcoming one. This is always followed by a weekend called Twins Fest, which has been traditionally held at the Metrodome; it’s kind of a king-size winter caravan where the fans come to the players instead of the other way around. But I digress…

We are now in a period I would call a mini-void. The league championship series are finished; we know now who will be playing in the World Series and where. But we have a few days until the series starts … so now what?

No, I’m not gonna watch football!

Maybe someone will be showing “Field of Dreams”, or “The Natural”, or “Bull Durham”.

I can spend some time reading my favorite baseball blogs, perusing and the team websites, and even looking at the Target Field seating online and check out the view from the seats I’ll never be able to afford.

But I can’t do that 24 hours a day! What’ll I do?

Oh, it’ll only be a couple more days, then the Series. Maybe it’ll go seven games! But then … the VOID!

If I seem a little duller and stressed out over the next three months, you’ll understand why.