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This past Sunday there was a notice in our church bulletin that in a couple weeks, I think, our church will be giving out Bibles to the third graders and seventh graders. That’s not a change, since we have been giving them to the 7th graders for a few years now.

But as I read further into the announcement, I noticed it told us the 3rd graders would be getting the NIV Adventure Bible, and the 7th graders would get the NIV Student Bible.

For many years our church has been using the NRSV almost exclusively, although for a number of years we gave the kids the Today’s English Version, because it didn’t make sense to give 3rd graders a Bible they would find difficult to understand.

The NIV is probably the most commonly-used Bible in Bible study classes in our church, although the pastor still uses the NRSV almost exclusively in his preaching. However, it seemed to me I caught him using the NIV a couple times lately. The change to the NIV seems to be quietly taking place, although I’m not sure it would be sanctioned by the higher-ups in the annual conference. I do know the pastor is also taking a look at the new CEB for a possible switch from the NRSV, but I think he’s not sure abut that one yet.

I’ll be curious about how the new NIV2011 will be received at my church next year.