…a new theme.

Actually, it’s an old one. For some reason it’s called “Contempt”. You don’t see very many like this one any more. It’s not dark, or full of different graphics and animation, it’s just clean and businesslike.

What I was looking for, besides my favorite color, (blue, in case you haven’t figured that out yet) was a narrower text block than most blog themes have these days. It’s the same problem I have reading some of the single-column Bibles these days. Their text column is so wide that by the time I read a line and go back to the left side, I have lost which line I just read and have a hard time picking up the correct line again. Lots of blogs are like that these days, including some of the themes I have been using.

I also like the gray background on the sides, and the shading which almost gives the blog a three-dimensional appearance.

Of course, as always, if you don’t care for this one, just wait a few days and I’ll probably be trying a different one!