It was reported back after the 2008 presidential election that 98% of black voters voted for Obama.

It is being reported this week that in Tuesday’s mid-term elections, which were disastrous for Democrats, blacks mostly sat out the elections, not bothering to go to the polls, supposedly because Obama himself was not on the ballot. It is also reported that of the blacks who actually did vote, 90% of them voted for Democrats, a bit of a drop, which could be explained by the fact that some blacks are getting tired of defending the president and his policies.

Still, 90% is not a number to sneeze at.

But back to 2008, with its 98% rate. What would possess so many black people to vote for Obama to the exclusion of all others? Are there only two percent of all black voters who actually listen to what the candidate says and actually think for themselves? Or today, are there only 10% of blacks who care that the man has led the US down the path to destruction?

Sure, many voted for Obama because of his skin color. I can understand that part. But why vote for a black socialist/Marxist when there have been perfectly legitimate black conservatives on the ballot for years? Didn’t they bother to check that out?

Is there an intimidation factor involved? I ask that from my very sheltered, northern small-town perspective. Do blacks threaten other blacks with physical harm if they don’t get out and vote for the “correct” black or Dem candidate?

I have encountered fine, intelligent black people in many walks of life, reasonable, patriotic, very sharp people. Why then do nearly all of them line up at the polls to cast a vote for a man with no regards to that man’s political philosophy? Are they all so blinded by the fact that that man claims to have the same color skin as they, that they’ll give him a free pass?

I hope we will soon see black people proudly going to the polls, voting for conservative black candidates, along with the conservative white, Hispanic, Asian, and even Sikh candidates as we saw this election. American blacks deserve better.