First of all, Happy Monday everybody! I hope you had a great weekend, much better than mine anyway.

I got up Saturday morning expecting my wife and I to probably go out to a restaurant for breakfast, then get groceries, and maybe do some shopping for a few things we need. But she got up and headed into the bathroom for the first of numerous times Saturday. She wasn’t feeling well, with diarrhea and nausea. It was clear that we wouldn’t be doing what was planned. By late morning she was back in bed, asleep, and remained there for several hours.

OK, I guess that means we’ll get up on Sunday morning, go to church, and get groceries after that.

Wrong. That evening I noticed the unmistakable feeling in my own abdomen. I was getting the same thing that my wife had suffered with that day. So I was up several times to the bathroom during the night, and when morning came, I told my wife I wasn’t going to church. She was feeling pretty good by then, but I was miserable for most of the rest of the morning.

By early afternoon I was starting to feel almost normal. So by two o’clock or so we decided to head out to Wally World to get our badly-needed groceries. When we got home and put the groceries away, I laid down on my recliner in the living room again and dozed off once again.

Not the weekend I had envisioned, that’s for sure! But this morning the sun is shining and we both feel pretty good, considering. But enough of this; it’s not what I meant to write about this morning.

My lower back and leg got plenty of rest this weekend. At times it was miserable, because the inactivity can make it pretty sore and stiff, and it can lead to some pretty depressing thoughts after all these months of dealing with it. But while I try to keep moving and using it, along with the chiropractor treatments, it’s obvious that it does need rest now and then.

A week ago my chiropractor told me, “Well, your number 5 lumbar vertebrae is twisted and jammed as it so often is, and your pelvis is still twisted.” His treatment improved things, and on Wednesday I was back there for another, and at the end he said he was going to do things a bit different this time. He told me to make an appointment for the middle of this week instead of for only a couple days later, and we’ll see how things are doing by this Wednesday. (Actually, I overheard his secretary tell another patient that he was going on a long weekend hunting trip for the deer hunting opener, so I assume that’s why he wanted to wait longer this time!)

Anyway, I’m still noticing a little bit of improvement most every day. That doesn’t mean it’s feeling good. I still have times when the ache is almost unbearable. But I do notice a lot of my freedom of movement is back, and I don’t wake up in the morning to a screaming, flaming pain down my left leg any more, just a tingling and a bit of an ache.

I know how much it helps me to walk the mall in the mornings before work, and my chiropractor encourages me to continue it. He says that’s the single most important thing I can do to strengthen my back and leg muscles, and everything else that’s involved. But the pain I’ve been dealing with recently has slowed me down a lot. Some days I’ve walked as little as a couple hundred yards. More often lately I’ve been able to manage one lap around the mall, which is one half mile. (Usually I have been walking a complete mile every day and hope to ramp it up to two miles in the near future.)

But there is one thing I’ve been noticing recently, and that’s a bit of a limp, a hitch in my gait, that I’m not able to get rid of at this point. In the past, when I’ve had sore, tight muscles, walking for a while will tend to loosen them up and within a half lap of the mall I’m walking normally. But so far this has defied my attempts to loosen it up. So I hope that is one improvement I will see in the near future, perhaps after my Wednesday chiropractor appointment.