I don’t usually announce when I add anybody to the blogroll, mainly because I used to think of my blogroll as my blogroll, the place where I kept the lists of blogs and their links that I liked to read, and if anybody else clicked on the links that was their business.

Of course, my attitude about the blogroll has changed a little bit, and I’m pleased when my blogging friends click on and read a blog that I enjoy reading.

In that vein, I want to announce my inclusion of a (relatively) new blog from an old blogger. (No, he’s not really old, but he’s been blogging in various manners and places for a long time.) The blogger is Shane Raynor, a United Methodist blogger, late of the Wesley Report. He is now writing a regular blog with the name “Faith Experience“. The link is very simple and easy to remember: www.faithexperience.com

It’s good reading for Methodists and non-Methodists alike, and I highly recommend Faith Experience to all my blogging friends.