As you can see, if you’re a regular reader of this blog, I went and changed the theme again.

I keep trying to find the perfect theme. Just like Bible translations, it apparently doesn’t exist. So I go on, wandering from one theme to the next, trying to satisfy something inside of me that desires perfection.

This one is pretty good. I like the larger text. It’s easy on the eyes. I didn’t really care for the large banner, I think a large banner detracts and can make a blog look less businesslike. So I figured out how to simply turn off the banner, and I do like the clean, businesslike appearance. But I still would like a little splash of color up there at the top. I don’t know if the blue and magenta color in the links will do it for me or not.

I also added (experimented with) the footer widget areas. They may be a bit gaudy yet, so I may change them some more.

Keen-eyed readers will notice I re-added the Biblioblog badge in the top right corner. I know I don’t write as much about translations as I used to, but I still do a fair amount of Bible-based, church-related and theological writing, and I still frequent the same blogs as I did before, so I think I’m justified in using that badge.

Well, that’s all for now. Keep your eyes peeled for changes here!