We knew it was coming. They were telling us on the media outlets that we could get anywhere from one inch of snow up to a foot. Most of what I heard told us we would probably get four to six inches.

It started around midnight Friday night. Saturday morning I got up and looked outside and at first I thought it might be two inches. Then I went to the front door and looked out onto the deck, and it was pretty obvious that it had already exceeded that estimate. It had to be six inches already.

I ventured outside with a shovel, because we have to keep the deck cleared off as much as we can, and the steps, otherwise we can’t even open the door. Besides, the dog doesn’t appreciate trying to climb steps that are six inches deep with snow, when her belly is only four inches above the ground anyway!

I cleared as much as I could from the deck, very wet, heavy snow. Then I managed to get it off the steps and tried to make a path out to the cars, but I only managed about three feet before I gave up. (Remember my sciatica?) So I slogged out through the snow to the newspaper box by the street and retrieved our Free Press, and as I turned to come back to the house, I thought, “What a great picture!” I pulled out my cell phone and snapped (?) a photo of the scene. But like the old dummy I am, I closed the phone without hitting “save”.

A little while later I decided to take a few more pictures, and this time I remembered. What you see here are the results. (By the way, those are color photos, believe it or not!)

We ended up with ten inches of the wettest, heaviest snow I’ve ever tried to shovel. We stayed hunkered down all day Saturday, then finally got plowed out Sunday morning around 11:00, too late to make it to church. But in the afternoon we did venture out to the grocery store. It’s a mess, but things are getting back to normal. Temps are expected to be in the low forties for a couple days, so much of the snow we got is expected to leave us in liquid form.