Facebook is such a rat race.

I’m thinking what to do about it. I really don’t like it very much. I’d rather just deal with email and blogging. Facebook clutters up my mind too much. It’s too much information all at once.

I thought about deactivating my account, but that would cut me off from old friends. I have also found FB is a pretty good tool for some things. I see a lot of blog posts there as well, that don’t show up on my blog reader for some reason.

But I really don’t care what game somebody is playing, and I don’t want to join in their game. And I don’t want to help them play their game and win things or advance to another level. And I’m amazed that some people spend just about all their FB time, even online time, playing games on FB.

I’ve thought about going dormant. I just won’t write anything on FB. I’ll just stop in once a day or so and check on things that need to be checked on. If I do that, in a few days the email notifications will pretty much stop.

I don’t know, some people just love Facebook. I guess I’m just getting too old for all that. I’d rather my mind were quieter, not filled with all the FB hub-bub. You see, I’m old enough to remember what it was like before personal computers. In some ways, some important ways, it wasn’t bad. In fact, it was really quite nice. I need to do some things on computer and online. It’s a valuable tool. But it’s not the whole world. It’s not my whole life.

So if you notice I’ve become rather quiet on Facebook, you’ll know what happened.