For the past couple months I’ve been trying to continue my good habit of walking the mall every morning. Through the summer I was doing one complete mile every morning; since my sciatica got bad I’ve been trying to make a half mile, limp and all. I used to be one of the faster walkers there, but recently I was slowed down severely.

The last few days I’ve noticed my left leg is much more comfortable, the limp is nearly gone, and I’m walking more normally…and faster!

This morning as I was just past the halfway point, I actually passed somebody!

Well, it was an old farmer and his wife who uses a walker, so I still wasn’t going very fast, but it’s a sign of improvement anyway. Two weeks ago I couldn’t pass anybody. I had snails and tortoises speeding by me as I hobbled along, snickering at me.

Yes, I’m on the mend!