I’ve been employed for almost 35 years now, in a job that in many ways I have loved. I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands and the challenge of honing my skills and understanding of the auto glass installations I have been required to do. I like cars and trucks, and have often enjoyed the opportunities to work in the great outdoors, sunny or rainy, hot or cold. I also used to enjoy driving, and for many years the job required me to drive at least a thousand miles a week.

But more and more I catch myself thinking that I wish the windshield I am doing would be the last one, that I could finally rest from these labors.

I don’t know if or when retirement will come for me. I know I’m not ready to stop doing things. But I’m just tired of what I have been doing for so many years, a job which has caused the wearing out of my joints and muscles.

I never understood what it was like to get old. I never understood what went through a person’s mind as he aged.

Now I do.