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When I was a little kid I remember being scared that there were monsters in strange and sundry places…pretty much wherever it was dark. There were monsters in the closet; there were monsters down in the cellar, particularly the fruit cellar; there were monsters in the garage loft —

–most importantly, there were monsters who lived under the bed!

You never saw them, but you knew they were there! The ones in the closet were especially there one night when Mom & Dad were watching the Twilight Zone on TV downstairs, and I could hear the creepy music coming up the stairs!

Well, it’s been a long time since I was scared of monsters under the bed. And I’m still not scared of them. But I’m here to tell you that they are real! We have one under our bed! Every night I can hear it breathing, even snoring!

But we have a nice under-bed monster. It comes out every morning, goes outside to do its thing, comes in and eats the dog’s food, plays with the dog’s toys, and generally does doggy things. It even barks like a dog.

Here, I was able to snap a picture of it this morning as it emerged from under the bed:

(Sorry about the blurry picture, my cell phone was a little bleary-eyed so early in the morning.)

Kiwi, our little under-bed monster, when we first got her she wasn’t sure where to sleep. She is so well-behaved and well-trained, but her first owner allowed her to sleep in his bed with him. She was allowed to roam wherever she wanted in the house, and climbed on whichever furniture she wanted to climb on. But when we got her my wife put her foot down. Kiwi was not allowed on any of the furniture, period. (She sheds something terrible!) But being so well-behaved and eager-to-please, she adapted very quickly to our home. There were times she would sleep in a doggy bed in the living room. There were times when she preferred to sleep in her kennel.

But we noticed, whenever there was a thunderstorm, she would immediately head for our bedroom and hide under the bed. Eventually she preferred to sleep in our bedroom, on a rug. But then we noticed she began crawling under our bed after an hour or so, and spending the rest of the night there. I don’t know if maybe it’s a bit warmer there or what, but now that’s where she sleeps every night. (That means every few months we have to move the bed and clean up all the dog hair under there!)

So now when the grandkids come over, I like to show them that we really DO have a monster under our bed!

(Scary, isn’t she?)