We are now in the process of recovering from our third “major” snowstorm of the winter, and it’s not officially winter yet! Friday night we were blessed with a coating of ice, and then Saturday morning early it started to snow, and soon it started to blow as well. We had a blizzard warning for this area until 9:00 am Sunday, which was followed quickly by a wind chill warning that is still on as I write this.

Officially here in Mankato we got eight inches of snow, but it blew so hard that it’s very hard to tell, and it looks like it was actually ten to twelve inches. So I’m calling it our third ten inch snowfall of the winter.

We were all home safe Saturday, my wife and I, our daughter, and the dog, so we just hunkered down and stayed inside pretty much all day. Except the dog, who wanted to go outside far more often than we would have liked. And I had to go out Saturday morning to the newspaper box out by the street to get the local Pravda. It had only been snowing an hour or two at that time, so there wasn’t very much yet, but it was icy, so as I made my way down the sidewalk I suddenly felt my feet go out from under me, and I landed on my left buttock and shoulder. Fortunately I was mostly unhurt; I was pretty well padded (take that however you like). But the problem was I had to try to get back on my feet on the ice, and that wasn’t working too well. I contemplated for a few seconds the possibility of sliding on my bottom the thirty feet or so that I still had to go to get to the newspaper box, and then grabbing onto the pole and hoisting myself up, but my body decided to try once again where I sat and I was on my feet again very shortly. I retrieved the newspaper and got back in the house without further incident.

The snow was blown into drifts between our cars, three feet deep, and then the snowplow came by and plowed the end of our driveway shut with another three-foot-deep pile, about ten feet wide. We are now very blessed to have hired a good young plowman who is reliable and does a very good job. He came over Sunday morning around 10:00 and cleared all the snow from the driveway; all we had to do was a little clean-up with the shovels and lay down some salt to try and take care of the ice.

Of course, after a big snowfall we always have to get the second shoe — frigid temps. It dropped down to 13 degrees below zero last night. Tonight is expected to fall to almost -10 after reaching a high today of near zero. Tomorrow will be a little warmer, and Wednesday we are supposed to warm up into the twenties! However, they’re also predicting a bit more snow on Wednesday and Thursday. (See how much we Minnesotans like to talk about our weather?)

The biggest surprise of the weekend was that our church actually closed Sunday. We didn’t have services, and it’s the first time I can remember in many years that we did that.

I know this post is quite disjointed; well, that’s the way things are around here right now. So I think I’ll finish this off right now with a picture of the latest iteration of Dog Poop Mountain, and maybe later on I can write some more about storm #3.