I’m still down at the shop. We’ve got a nice little snowstorm going; most of the schools in the area are cancelled for the day, and I’d sure like to be home, safe and warm, drinking some coffee or hot chocolate and watching some dumb daytime TV program. But I’m still here at the shop, because somebody thinks they have to come in yet this afternoon, in the middle of a snowstorm, and get their windshield replaced.

I’m glad to know my wife made it home safely from the school she’s working at, but my daughter is out babysitting with our grandkids who should have arrived home from their closed school by now. That means when their parents get home, I’ll have to stop by and pick up my daughter on my way home.

Oh, the joys of winter in Minnesota!

Anyway, I was trying to get some cute photos of our dog Kiwi last night, and I caught this one mid-lick:

I know it’s not very clear, but I thought it was cute.

A few minutes later I got her in her usual, comfortable fat-dog pose:

Yup, she’s fat but happy. At least we’re able to give her a warm home and keep her well-fed through the later years of her short life.

And you oughta see her in the snow!