I’m still here.

I know I haven’t written a lot lately. I’m just busy. I’m not sick, or traveling, or stuck in a snowbank (well, I certainly could be!)

And I probably don’t have a whole lot to say right now either. But I have a few minutes this morning here at the shop before our first job comes in, so I figured I better write so nobody thinks I have fallen off the edge of the earth.

We had a pretty nice Christmas holiday. Went to the 10:00 pm Christmas Eve service at our church. (That’s better than 11:00 or midnight! But I was still sleepy.) We had ham for dinner Christmas day, not turkey, but ham! That’s a real change for us. A little later I read the Christmas story from the ESV, probably my first time reading it from that version. It was very traditional-sounding, so much so that my daughter’s husband-to-be asked if it was the version they used in the Charlie Brown Christmas show. I told him that was probably the King James, since that was made back in the 60s and they didn’t have too much else besides that.

Gifts? We didn’t have any really big-ticket items this year. My wife got a new coffee-maker and a George Foreman Grill; I got some underwear, a baseball book, a DVD; little stuff mostly – no new Bibles and no $500 computers. But that was OK, because Jesus is the real reason for the season.

I’ve been feeling under some pressure since finding out last week that they expected another blizzard for us this Friday and Saturday, and we already had tons of snow up on the roof, along with some ice dams that were starting to cause water problems, and my back, legs, etc., are marginal when it comes to such hard work. But yesterday we were able to hire a young man to remove the snow from the roof, and he did a very nice job. The roof is now clear of snow, and the ice dams are mostly gone already. The guy removed as much of that as he could himself, and the warm temps the next couple days should take care of most of the rest. And now they’re predicting our storm will be mostly rain, so we most likely won’t have another foot of snow to deal with after all. So the removal of the snow from our roof also took a big load off my mind as well!

Well, I was interrupted by our first job a while ago, so I had to save this and start working on it again a few minutes ago, and now will probably be busy the rest of the day with my real job. So I bid you adeau, and I will be back online when I can.