Bryan Fischer over at the American Family Association’s site “Rightly Concerned” has written something we should all read: “The Face of Evil: hatred of Palin irrational, mindless, demonic”.

Back when Bill Clinton was in office, we often heard Republicans and conservatives criticized as “hating” Bill Clinton and the Democrats and liberals. There were even bumper stickers on many liberals’ cars that said self-righteously, “Hate is not a Family Value”.

Then when George W. Bush was in office, increasingly what we heard from the liberal camp was, “I hate Bush!” While the Republicans were excoriated for voicing such sentiments, it was the normal, everyday thing for the Dems to say. It was accepted as politically correct, believe it or not!

Today we are hearing some of the most vicious, hateful vitriol coming from the liberal camp and directed at the Republican former governor of Alaska and former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her family. Please read the article at the top of this post now, if you haven’t already.

People, it’s time to step back and think about this. What are we thinking and saying? Most of us in this country consider ourselves to be Christians; do we know what the Bible says about hate? Both sides need to stop and consider this, Republicans, Democrats, and even Independents and people of other political persuasions alike. The shootings in Arizona were not about Left and Right. They were about one young deranged gunman who had virtually no political thoughts in his head. But we have made it about Left and Right, and people have made it a matter of hate.

It’s time to stop the hate talk and start acting like Christians; and those of us who aren’t Christians need to start acting like civilized people.