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In other words, is the ESV becoming accepted as the “standard” translation for English-speaking Christianity?

It’s been a long time since the standard was the King James. And the case may be made that since at least 1984, if not earlier, the NIV has been the standard for the evangelical church. (note the lower case letters)

I spend a considerable amount of time online communicating with evangelicals and people who at least lean towards the reformed point of view. It does seem that the ESV has gained a pretty fair following in that group. My co-worker attends a non-denominational evangelical reformed church, and he tells me the ESV is clearly the accepted standard in that church.

In my own local church, a United Methodist Church, the pew Bibles are the NRSV, and that has long been the “unofficial-official” translation of the mainlines. But a few people bring their own Bibles from home, a very few, mainly people who attend Sunday morning adult Bible study class. I keep my eyes open, and what I have seen are mostly NIV, with a couple NKJVs, a few NRSVs, and one NLT. I have only observed one or two ESVs that I wasn’t carrying myself.

So what do you see at your church or among your circle of friends? Is the ESV taking over as the new standard?