You remember some three or four years ago, when all the bibliobloggers were doing their reviews/opinion pieces on the different English translations of the Bible?

It’s occurred to me the last few days that the time may have arrived for me to do a thorough update of my own opinions. This morning I searched back through my archives, and it appears the last time I did something along that line was January of 2008, when I did a series called “Impressions”. It was a series in which I wrote simply about my own impressions of the different translations; I didn’t try to delve deeply into them as some of my fellow bloggers did.

Previously I did a more thorough series back in March of 2007. That was back when I thought I was an expert on the subject. Why, I even declared a winner, and called a certain number of what I considered “lesser” translations “The Also Rans”.

At any rate, since it has now been about three years since I last tackled the subject, I think it is now time to update my opinions concerning English Bible translations. My thinking has evolved over the years, and there have been a few changes made to the translations as well.

I think this time I will not be putting down certain translations, but I will be dividing them up into two or three, or four classes; and I will let you know what are, in my humble opinion, the best current translations of the Bible into English. I plan on beginning the project in the very near future, and since things are pretty slow here at work right now, I may even get started this afternoon.

And who knows, this may be the catalyst for a whole new series of Bible translation posts by my fellow bibliobloggers!