I’ve been poring over the ChristianBook.com website looking at all the pre-order 2011 NIVs they have, which are supposed to be available tomorrow (for most of them). There is really a very good selection, which doesn’t surprise me. They are from Zondervan, after all.

I chose a couple and put them on my wish list, but the more I think about it, neither one is the perfect one for me. The one is black letter, but it’s bonded leather. The other is genuine leather, but it’s red letter.

The more I think about it, the more I’m convincing myself to just sit tight for now on the new NIV. After all, it’s not like I need one. And it’s not like I need another Bible, period.

No, I think I’ll continue to use it online and see what I think of it as I continue to use it. You know, the more you use a translation the more its little warts show up, and the more its big warts show up as well! So I’ll continue to browse the websites and watch for my “perfect” NIV 2011. Who knows, maybe in a few months they’ll start making it.